Love hurts.

That is, when it comes to cheese….

Those you love should love you back.

But cheese? It takes your love and returns it with gas, bloating, acne, and stomach ache. Sometimes, cheese can be downright abusive and lead to even more serious health consequences. It also takes your love and ruins the planet.

Cheese is no good. Trust us, you’re better off without it. It’s time to break free of a bad relationship.

You need to break up with cheese. 

We know breakups are hard, but that’s why we’re here.

Not only will we provide a shoulder to cry on, but we’ll show you a way of eating that will make you forget about cheese. It may not seem like it right now, but we can show you something better. 

Yep. Better. Than. Cheese.

It’s possible to feel fantastic and enjoy food.

You can cut out cheese and not feel like the third wheel in social situations. And we’ll show you how. We’re your wing-person. 

Break up with cheese.

How would you describe your relationship with cheese?